Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers

When ex TOWIE star and the nation’s favourite ‘Mumtrepreneur’ Sam Faiers launched her fitness platform in 2015, I worked with her alongside two co-founders/personal trainers on creating simple recipe content as part of an increasingly-growing subscription package. Along with this, I managed the social media page, which quickly reached over 70,000 during the time the product was available.

The role included writing engaging website and social captions, attending press launch events and photoshoots, creating weekly recipes for uses to follow, and ensuring the messaging aligned with Sam’s mission. My work was shared across international publications, such as the Daily Mail.

As we started from scratch, it was important to ensure Sam’s brand aligned with her personality. I developed and reflected this within the brand tone of voice – think personal, warm, authentic. This ‘talking to a friend’ approach helped to gain a deeper relationship with her audiences, which ultimately sparked intrigue for sign ups and conversions. Social listening was at the forefront of the social strategy, as customers were constantly leaving feedback and requests about what they wanted to see next. These insights then helped to inform the sort of content that would offer true value to them.

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