Podcast Ep 10: Streamlining Your Skincare With By Sarah London

March 22, 2021

Hello, and welcome back to The Plus Side Podcast!
You know a skincare product is good when every single ingredient is listed on the front bottle. It’s then no wonder the plant oil based collection By Sarah London has gone on to win multiple industry awards (this facial oil taking top spot for 4 years running) – living up to the brand motto, ‘real beauty has nothing to hide’. It’s the simple transparency yet expertly curated formulas that the beauty world clearly needs more of.
It was never in Sarah’s career path to start her own brand, but when her sister Lauren’s skin became extremely sensitive whilst recovering from leukaemia – Sarah started to create her own formulas to help regenerate Lauren’s skin. To no surprise it worked, and from kitchen table to nation wide success, the duo have taken the clean beauty world by storm.
Elevating ‘The Plus Side’ to a whole new inspiring level of a ‘squiggly line’ journey – I’m thrilled to be talking to Sarah in the newest episode of the podcast about her thriving career, emotional challenges, and of course – all things skincare. Enjoy!

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