Podcast Ep 9: Life Lessons for Your Thirties With Kat Atkinson

March 10, 2021

Hello, you lovely lot – welcome to The Plus Side Podcast! I’m thrilled to be sharing a new series of plug-in-and-zone-out episodes with you to provide your day with a little earphone therapy. It’s good to be back!
Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a social media ‘silence’. Not switching off per se – but simply taking the opportunity to step back, listen, read and learn. And by doing this, I have constantly found myself being completely moved and inspired by the stories told by women who have found solace in taking charge of their life. Some have done this completely independently (great) – and others have achieved this with the wholesome support of other like-minded women (also great).
And so I can’t think of a better way to start the series than with a woman who has a particularly special place in my heart (BFFL xo), Kat Atkinson. At 32, whilst many of her friends are settling down and starting families, Kat has taken the fashion world by storm – and is now a highly respected fashion marketing lecturer at Leeds Beckett Uni. You’ll also find her day to day outfits displayed on her extremely save-worthy Instagram, @wearsitatkat – followed by thousands who look for #styleinspo, served by a real woman.
After contracting a nasty bout of Covid last year that led to an even nastier stint in ICU, Kat has *finally* come out of the other side – and in this episode, we talk about the unexpected positives from the corona coaster, challenging the ‘social norms’ as a single thirty something year old, and trusting your own timings.
Cheers to that *clinks canned G+T whilst sat in Christmas pyjamas on a Saturday night*

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