INTERVIEW: Catt Sadler, TV Presenter & Producer

May 15, 2018

E! News TV presenter. Actress. Style icon. Producer.

Throw the fact that she is also a mother of two in to the equation and you’ve got yourself a real life superwoman. Meet, Catt Sadler.

With a schedule stacked higher than Joey’s Tribiani’s Thanksgiving plate, it would be easy to assume that Catt would be far too busy (entitled, even) to consider doing my interview. But when I reached out to her on Instagram, she proved to be the complete opposite. The first thing I noticed was that Catt has a refreshingly approachable tone that makes you feel you could have known her for years, and it was easy to pursue the wild idea I had to make this post go live in the first place. 

A trait I particularly admire about Catt is her infectious passion for the simplicity of the everyday. Feeling flat? You just need to watch her Snapchat stories to feel instantly uplifted. Her daily ‘cattfirmations’ not only make so much sense (read: not pulled from a Pinterest board), but give us all the more reason to stan the woman who works brutal hours all while raising her family at the same time. You gotta respect the graft.

Incase you’re not so much swayed by the concept of inspirational life content, Catt also posts daily outfit updates on her style blog ‘The Cattwalk’. Here, you’ll find her flaunting a range of fits that will no doubt leave you with a camera roll full of screenshots to lust over.

Based in LA, the home of MTV ‘The Hills’ and In ‘n’ Out burgers (what more could one want?), I really couldn’t not ask Catt what it’s like to live in the City of Dreams. Read ahead as we talk all things health, wellness, and of course a #Cattfirmation to leave with… 

Hey Catt! Let’s start with LA life. What’s your favourite thing about living there? 

Most people would say, the weather. And although that is without question one of the reasons I love living here in LA, it’s also about the relaxed lifestyle and eclectic culture. Because of the diverse population, there’s a fascinating array of people, restaurants, and experiences to be explored. The weather promotes an easy, chill vibe for sure. I never take it for granted.

You’ve just ran a half marathon – congratulations! How did you stay so motivated to train when you have such a busy working schedule?

I’m not a natural runner. There’s something very sexy to me about doing that which does not come easy. Training was challenging to say the least. What helped me stay motivated was that my brother AJ and I committed to running the race together. We’d share our progress on the MapMyRun app. When you share the adventure with someone you love, I find it keeps you more engaged and less likely to give up!

Define what ‘health’ means to you?

To me, health means a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit.  It is important to nurture each aspect of the body as each is truly interconnected.

You talk a lot about your love for kombucha on social media… it’s not quite so common over here! What exactly is it and why is it so great?

I’m not an expert, even though I certainly consume quite a bit, but Kombucha is fermented tea. It’s a fizzy effervescent  drink served cold. It is said to stimulate the immune system and also serve as a probiotic. For me, personally, it seems to act like a natural energy boost. I use it in place of coffee to give me an extra boost. Kombucha is packed with antioxidants too, so what’s not to love? They are several brands and different flavors on the market here. Among my favorites: ginger lemon and plum from Health-ade.

As a mother of two, your daily schedule must be pretty intense. What’s your favourite way to spend a little down time?

The truth is I work so much that my favorite time to spend down time is in fact with my kids. We are ALL so busy and our lives are incredibly chaotic. When there’s  day without a single commitment on the agenda, I’m happy. If as a family we can sleep in, stay in our pajamas all day, and be lazy together I am genuinely happy.

Tell me about your typical day on a plate…

For breakfast, I’m usually already on the run. Generally I’ll have a latte first thing. By mid-morning I’ll have a fruit smoothie of some description. On the weekends I’m more likely to eat breakfast and will usually have some granola and mixed berries. Perhaps some avocado on toast.

Lunch is most often a salad. I like mixed greens, chickpeas, soba noodles, avocado, roasted brussel sprouts and seared tuna with a thai-lemon dressing. It’s of the “create your own” variety, but I like it!

I love to snack on potato chips (crisps) and hummus.

Dinner is usually pretty straight-forward and clean. Salmon or white fish, a steamed vegetable, and more salad or a side of my favorite, rosemary potatoes.

And finally, a #Cattfirmation that you live by?

I love quotes and read daily affirmations, but I’m not sure there is a single quote I live by. One of my favorites right now is: Life isn’t happening to you. It is responding to you.

Nice! Thanks so much for chatting Catt.

Thanks Soph!

Now you can walk the Cattwalk with her right here:




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