Podcast Ep 01: Birthing Twins In Lockdown with Melanie Hadida

October 24, 2020

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Melanie Hadida. Originally from Canada, Melanie moved to the UK after meeting her now husband Gareth in the airport inbetween flights whilst travelling (she’ll share the story towards the end, well worth the wait for optimum heart warmth). Fast forward to 2020 and they are both happily living in the northern city of Leeds.
Melanie is the founder of Spice + Green, offering handmade spice blends to snazz up your meals, and Gareth is a lawyer. From watching her stories religiously, I can tell you that they have excellent taste in music, house plants and beverages.
Oh, and they also became the parents to two twin girls on the first day of lockdown.
Melanie never ceases to amaze me with her strength through out this absolute madness; birthing twins as a first time mum is *quite* a fair amount to take on, but to do this during a global pandemic? Tremendous. For this episode, we’ll be covering it all: weird pregnancy cravings, socialising for the first time, avoiding the news junkie tendancies, a freezer brimming with a shit load of post partum meals, and of course – THE BEST MEET CUTE STORY YOU WILL EVER HEAR. Enjoy!

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