Podcast Ep 2: Slowing Down in 2020 With Henna Ramzan

October 30, 2020

Hello, and welcome to The Plus Side Podcast!

For this episode I’m talking to the brilliant Henna Ramzan, a Northern soul living in Oxford with a love for cats, brioche and ‘swaggy’ thrifted finds. Therefore, she is exactly the sort of person we all need our lives.

Henna is an essayist, sharing her pieces about all things mental health on her website Henna Writes – making for a refreshingly witty read to reassure you that are definitely *not* the only one. As a diagnosed OCD, anxiety and depression sufferer – Henna has experienced her fair share of challenges; but also many a personal victory to share and her completely relatable outlook on mental health is something to be admired.

Hear us dig deep in to self care acts that go far beyond a face mask, how to look after yourself during those bad mental health days and what we’ve learned during the the weirdest, most culture shifting year yet.

Hope this serves up the laughs and that you can take something positive from this… you might even find you end up picking up her infectious Northern twang, just like I did (lol).



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