Podcast Ep 4: The Positive Uses of Social Media With Lucy Hitchcock

November 11, 2020

Allow me to introduce you to the always sunny Lucy Hitchcock – an entrepreneur, e-commerce strategist and the founder of digital marketing consultancy business, Sassy Digital.
Oh, and just to throw another name in to the mix: Lucy also started Partner In Wine, a slick insulated wine bottle brand born out of one of the many frustrations of lockdown. Just a casual ‘side hustle’ that has already turned out to be a raging success. No big deal.
With the curve ball events of 2020 and the rising demand for business’ to embrace the digital world like never before, it’s safe to say that Lucy has been more or less non-stop for the last 9 (?) months. We’ve all had the time to be on our phones a lot more, and the virtual shift in communication to keep in touch with our loved ones has meant we now rely on social media for feeling ‘connected’.
Whilst it certainly has it’s flaws (self comparison, I’m looking at you), there is also many a positive about social media, too. And so I wanted to pick Lucy’s brains about how we can use our phones and social platforms positively, as opposed to a dark place you visit when you’re feeling – well – a bit shit.
From how to save and share legit information on important matters and things you can do to make your social media a sunnier destination for all your escapism needs, to sourcing and supporting small businesses – we’re covering it all. And don’t worry – there’s plenty of talk about wine and pasta – because #BaLaNcE.
Enjoy the episode!

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