Podcast Ep 3: Dating in Lockdown with Bonnie McLaren

November 14, 2020

Welcome back to The Plus Side Podcast! Today I’m talking to entertainment writer, hopeless romantic and self proclaimed party girl, Bonnie McLaren.  She is also one of my closest friends – after meeting at a music festival last year, we have been *virtually* joined at the hip ever since. I’m still sure our phone calls during lockdown are what got me through; her energy, wicked sense of humour and light hearted optimism is completely infectious.
Fun fact: Lewis Capaldi showed her his tinder matches once, and a love island star picked her hinge profile. So I think it’s safe to say that she has the awesome job interviewing the big names. She also has a wardrobe to rival Gaga’s. She quite literally sparkles. Yet despite the celebrity approved dating app bio complete with knock out photos, the perfect match for Bonnie is yet to be found… her dating journey over the last 8 months has been eventful, to say the least. Whilst many of us spent our nights drinking wine from a cup facing yet another dilemma of what to watch next on Netflix, Bonnie was making excellent use of her best clothes and embracing the online dating scene like never before. Video calls, phone calls, back to back Whatsapp’ing, you name it – Bonnie was on it.
From an 3 month completely online relationship that abruptly ended as soon as lockdown lifted, to an unplanned physical meeting with a guy Bonnie travelled 300 miles for, we find out which of the two felt more ‘real’ – despite the different ways of coming about.
From eating a whole bag of cheese in front of a man with whom you she got ‘absolutely trashed with’, to waking up knickerless in a compromising position after a late night video call – we cover it all. With lockdown 2.0 looming, I think we could all do with a laugh – and Bonnie, as always, serves up the hilarities as she nurses a hangover, with a microwaved tea in hand. Enjoy!

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