Podcast Ep 5: Getting Ranty on Diet Culture with Sam Mason

November 18, 2020

Hiya pals, welcome back to The Plus Side Podcast! *jazz hands*
This weeks episode with feel-good powerhouse Sam Mason covers an area I think we can all relate to, at least on some level. Sam is a mum of 2, a highly demanded hairstylist and a social media strategist who has worked on a number of campaigns relating to a topic very close to her own heart: body neutrality. From a young age, her body has been insensitively open for discussion – and it’s only from piecing together the lovely parts of her that make Sam – well – Sam, that she has realised what matters in life. And let me tell you, it’s got absolutely fuck all to do with your dress size.
As we delve in to the dark side of diet culture and dismantle the dangerous ways it can trap us in to it’s cave of calorie counting and body shaming, we also get on to some great positives; like how going through the vicious cycle has led us to a place of embracing our own individuality… and finding a bloody beautiful sense of confidence in that.
So plug in your headphones, get out for a walk (or, you know, stay on the sofa with a mince pie) and enjoy your listen. As we head in to the festive season, it might be just what you need to hear…

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