Podcast Ep 6: Finding Balance in the Wellness Industry with Erin Rutherford

December 20, 2020

Wey aye, pet – welcome back to The Plus Side Podcast!
For this episode I am THRILLED to be joined by the wonderful Erin Rutherford – a thriving Youtuber who shares her passion for things food and wellness on her Instagram, one square of creamy mushrooms and chai spiced apple cake at a time. Since lockdown has given her more time to dedicate to her blog, her audience has boomed in the recent months with an influx of raving new followers who also can’t get enough of her culinary skills, all served up with a wholesome side of that  Northern charm. She’s found a community that has given her a huge sense of solidarity in the loneliest times; whilst now being able to pursue a career in content creation along the way. Silver linings, eh?
But as we all probably know, being an influencer can present a smorgasbord of challenges – particularly when it comes to diet. How does social media impact our everyday food choices – and similarly – how do those choices impact those who follow us?
In this conversation, we’re navigating through the mental obstacles of the wellness industry; from getting trapped in the trendy fads* (yawn) to finally finding a balance that actually feels really fucking good – thank you very much. From there, hear about our fail safe ways to avoid burnout in modern life, as well as our fondness for body butters and the humble tinned sardine (ykwyk).
Enjoy your listen!
* If you are currently feeling anxious and overwhelmed around food, or if you constantly find yourself comparing your meals to others online, or looking for permission to do so – then it’s time to reach out for some help. There are some great helplines and charities to help you on your way – if you’re in the UK then BEAT Eating Disorders is a good place to start. Talk to your friends and family, and don’t be afraid to be honest with them – but also yourself. You deserve to live a full life, and that can only be done when you are enjoying every aspect of it without fear – particularly when it comes to food.

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