Podcast Ep 7: Navigating Period Recover with Dani Sheriff

January 21, 2021

Welcome to The Plus Side Podcast – first of 2021! It’s been a long year – anyone else ready for a break? *cries into wine*
In this episode I’m talking to the brilliant illustrator, podcast host and founder of The HA Society, Dani Sheriff. When Dani started training as an athlete, her passion for sports was overtaken by the aesthetic of how she looked – and soon enough she was not only on a tough exercise regime, but also restricting her diet to 1700 calories a day. Basically, eating just enough for a child and running on a constant energy deficit. The consequence? No period. Also known as hypothalamic amenorrhea.
It all changed when Dani decided to reverse the damage done (because the great thing here is that it is reversible, proving just how resilient our bodies are) by going all in with her recovery. Now she is pregnant, has a healthy cycle and has created a growing community for women all over the world who are struggling with HA. The group offers support through open and honest conversations about the various struggles faced when recovering from HA – as well as weekly calls to give bring some solidarity to what is a very lonely situation to find yourself in. As a fellow HA sufferer, I can certainly vouch for that.
So what does period recovery entail? All will be discussed in the episode – from the obvious challenges to the huge life changing benefits that come from it. I hope you enjoy your listen!

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